Counselling provides a safe place for you to be heard. When I say the word safe I mean it a place where you can tell your story, share your thoughts, your fears and problems without judgement. Trust and confidentiality are key. As a counsellor I am in the privileged position to be trusted by you and I never forget that I am a guest in your world.

 Whilst Academic qualifications and post qualification Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important information, and, of course will show that I am qualified to practice as a counsellor, you will need to know more about me before you decide if I am the right counsellor for you. Choosing the right counsellor is very important, whether you are looking for a counsellor for yourself, or as a couple. Some people will know exactly what they are looking for in a counsellor whilst others may be a bit unsure. You have made the decision to seek counselling - the first step. It is a very important decision because wIth the right counsellor you will develop a strong therapeutic relationship. You will learn what a trusting relationship feels like. You can try new ways of relating in a safe space. You will be able to be your authentic self without having to impress or please someone else. You will be able to share things with someone who is impartial, non judgmental and wants the best for you. What I can tell you is that I will provide you with the safe place in which you can grow and develop and overcome beliefs and behaviours that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

 As a Person-Centred counsellor I believe that you can be the best person you can be and that by working together you will become that version of yourself.

 Before I became a counsellor I worked for many years in the education sector and then in Children’s Services, working with parents and families. This work led me to train as a counsellor, a role which encompassed all my knowledge, skills and experience. My experience covers a wide range of areas including addiction, depression, stress, low self esteem, self harm, infidelity, relationship issues, substance misuse, anxiety, bereavement, pet bereavement, work/school based stress.

 I provide a neutral, safe ground to individuals, families, and couples. We will work together to understand what is going on for you, identify and work towards achievIng your goals. My experiences enables me to offer effective, individual, psychological care.


Anxiety, Addiction, Anger, Grief/Loss, Depression, Education, Health, Family, OCD, Parenting, Personal, Relationships, Stress, Trauma, Work

What to expect from a Counselling Session

If you have never had counselling before this will be an unknown for you so it is helpful for you to have some idea of what the session will look like. I offer a free 15 minute consultation before we start our work together.. We will explore what has brought you to seek counselling and what your goals are. At the end of the consultation, if you decide to have further sessions, we will agree how often. Usually sessions are on a weekly basis at the same time and day each week. This is because the frequency and reliability of week-in, week-out therapy sessions over a period of time, contributes to a feeling of safety and trust that allows us to work together on a deeper, more effective level to allow healing, growth and self-actualisation to happen. However this is a commitment - both financially and of your time. There can be some flexibility to accommodate your individual schedule and life commitments. Sometimes however one session is enough - you may have have gained some clarity and perspective from that session.